Instagram Weekend(s): End of July

July came and left with the blink of an eye! It seems just yesterday I was watching the fireworks and hanging out at the Mets game on July 4th. Now we’re already well into the month of August, and I’m finally getting together all of my end-of-July pics. Here’s a roundup of my past few weeks:

1. First things first, I finally bought a new iPhone case! I was in dire need. A few weeks ago, I bought this leopard print DVF iPhone 5 case from Bloomingdales. I’m loving it so far!

DVF Leopard iPhone 5 Case
2. And here’s a shot of my friends and I having brunch at PS 450. It was our first time seeing each other in weeks! It’s crazy how hard it is to coordinate schedules with friends during the summer, with all the weddings, summer vacations and trips booked into everyone’s schedules. It was nice to reunite!

3. And some pretty black-eyed Susans spotted during my Sunday AM run:

Black-Eyed Susans
4. I just had to snap a pic during my stroll past the Pulitzer Fountain, right outside the Plaza Hotel:

Pulitzer Fountain at the Plaza Hotel
5. And last but not least: my BEST-ever Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit combo — chocolate and banana soft serve fruit, topped with chocolate chips, banana slices and coconut. I must say, the coconut was a real game-changer this time around:

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit


3 Wedding Outfit Ideas

I have a wedding coming up this weekend, and consequently have been thinking a whole lot about what to wear. At the end of the day, I think wedding dressing is truly a lot easier than most people make it out to be! There are just a few rules that I personally feel it necessary to abide by: (1) don’t wear a white dress… (2) sequins should be worn in moderation. Also as a side note, I walked past a wedding party this weekend and a saw a woman wearing a dress with “flapper-ish” fringe. Wasn’t a fan of that either for a wedding look — you really shouldn’t be trying to stand out! It’s all about the bride, after all. Here are my three outfit picks for weddings:


Outfit #1:

Wedding Outfit Black Dress

Outfit #2:

Wedding Outfit Mint Dress

Outfit #3:

Wedding Outfit Black Dress

Outfit #1:
1. Black Ruffle Dress by H&M
2. White Bag by Rebecca Minkoff
3. Mint Heels by Steve Madden

Outfit #2:
1. Mint Dress by Windsor
2. Earrings by Baublebar
3. Nude Pumps by Steve Madden

Outfit #3:
1. Black Dress by Lulu’s
2. Earrings by Kate Spade
3. Shoes by Forever 21

Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Fave News Tidbits

Happy Tuesday! Time for another edition of “Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up,” a roundup of interesting articles / links from around the web lately. See below for a few of my fave finds this week — everything from 19 foods that aren’t real foods to how to sleep on a plane (I really wish I would’ve found this article years ago!):

Coffee and Scone

19 Foods That Aren’t Real Foods — HuffPost Healthy Living
How Much Should You Tip At The Salon? — PopSugar Beauty
1 in 4 Young Adults Regret Social Media Posts, Survey Says — Mashable
How 12 Cool Company Names Came About — PopSugar Smart Living
When Complaining Makes A Difference — The Billfold
How to Digitally Detox in 5 Easy Steps — Refinery 29
The 15 Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements Ever — StyleCaster
How to Sleep On A Plane — Real Simple
27 Occasions That Definitely Call for Cake — BuzzFeed

And just because…

Keep Calm and Make Coffee
Source: Pinterest

Six Clever Ways to Get Organized

We could all use a little organization in our lives now and again, eh? I personally live in a small apartment — space is limited. I’ve learned that the best way to maximize my space is to stay organized! (Though I certainly admit: it can be tough!) Lately, I’ve been set on doing a little revamping in my room, which will most definitely involve re-organizing. So I consulted Pinterest (obviously) to find my inspiration. I found several helpful ideas — and some non-room organization tips, too! See below: 6 Clever Ways to Get Organized

1. Clipboards for desk organizing via The Pretty Blog:

Organizing - Clipboards Near Desk

2. Makeshift closet behind bed — (not too shabby for a headboard!) via Decor8:

Organizing - Closet by Bed

3. Organize charger and headphones with a sunglasses case, via Apartment Therapy:

Organizing - Cords in Purse

4. Clever purse organization via Flickr:

Organizing - Purses in Closet

5.  It’s not a spice rack — it’s a nail polish rack! via Amazon:

Organizing - Nail Polish in Spice Rack

6. Who needs a night stand? Store magazines and books in this bed pocket instead, via Etsy:
Organizing - Bed Pocket

  • Question: What clever tactics do you use to stay organized?

Beyond Instagram: Best Photo Apps

If you’re like me, then you probably take more photos on your phone than you do on any sort of legitimate camera. That being said, I have a slew of favorite camera apps that I use to make my pictures look like they WEREN’T taken on an iPhone (sneaky, eh?). Of course, I’m a huge fan of Instagram, but these five apps all offer a little bit extra. Take a look below for the list:

1. Camera+ (cost: $1.99) — Offers a handful of filters (way more than Instagram), frames and crop options to really fine tune your photos. The only extra thing I wish this app offered is the ability to add text / captions. Other than that, it’s great, and far better than the standard iPhone camera!

Photo App - Camera+

2. LensLight (cost: $1.99) — This one’s probably the most random, but still one of my favorites nonetheless. I use this app to add sparkles or other unique lighting effects to pictures.

Photo App - LensLight

3. King Camera (cost: free) — Another app similar to Instagram, but with additional filter and frame choices. One of my favorite frame options on this app is the “postcard,” which turns your photo into a postcard look-alike, with text saying “wish you were here.” This would definitely be a fun image to send to friends / family while on vacation!

Photo App - King Camera

4. Typic (cost: free) — The main benefit of this app is the ability to add text to photos. It also offers a few filter options, too, but nothing very extensive.

Photo App - Typic

5. A Beautiful Mess (cost: $0.99) — I just downloaded this app per a friend’s recommendation. It’s similar to Typic, in that it allows you to add text — however you can ALSO add “doodles” (smiley faces, swirly-looking things, hearts and the like) as well as pre-set phrases such as “yum!” and “OMG!” (in case you’re too lazy to think of your own). It’s way more extensive than Typic and I would recommend it if you’re willing to shell out the $0.99.

Photo App - A Beautiful Mess

  • Question: What are your favorite photo apps?

End of Summer Bucket List

Hard to believe July is quickly nearing an end! Can you believe it? This summer’s just flying by. But there’s still plenty to look forward to during the rest of August! I have my own end-of-summer bucket list for everything I hope to squeeze in:

1. Bake these “healthy” cookies (preferably on a day that’s not 90 degrees). I found these on Pinterest months ago and still haven’t gotten around to baking ’em — they consist of only THREE ingredients! What could be better? Courtesy of Skinny Taste:

Healthy Banana Cookies
2. Beach day! With plenty of SPF, of course. I have some beach time planned during my vacation to Michigan in August. Can’t wait!

Jenna written in sand
3. And cook myself some corn on the cob! Can’t believe I still haven’t had ANY yet all summer…

Corn on the Cob Meme(Source: Pinterest)

4. Yankees game! I’ve already been to several Mets games this season, but no NYY games. My dad and I are going in August when he visits. Here’s a pic of us before a game last year:


5. Outdoor summer movie in the park (Bryant Park, Hudson River Park, etc. All host outdoor summer movie screenings). I haven’t made it to one yet this summer, but I hope to attend one of the upcoming screenings! In the past, I went to Hudson River Park for a screening of The Social Network. It’s such a fun way to spend a weeknight with friends and enjoy a FREE movie!

Hudson River Park RiverFlicks

  • Question: What’s on your end-of-summer bucket list?

5 Denims Items For Summer & Beyond

5 Denim Items

1. Denim Moto Jacket by Topshop
2. Denim Crop Top by Topshop
3. Polka Dot Chambray Dress by Forever 21
4. Fitted Denim Shirt by H&M
5. Polka Dot Denim Shorts by H&M